The L.I.F.E Sponsorship Program

L.I.F.E’s Sponsorship Program was created in 2014 with the goal of allowing donors to have a voice in their sponsorship. Each year L.I.F.E is only able to award to the top 5-10% of eligible applicants. The L.I.F.E Sponsorship program allows donors to select and fully sponsor a student from a pool of qualified applicants (minimum $500*). The Sponsored L.I.F.E Scholarships can be awarded at any time throughout the year.

Demand for scholarships continues to grow and we want to meet this   need--something that can not be done without a little help from the community. Our winners have shown so much strength and courage, while our donors have shown so much generosity. 

Each sponsor is given the opportunity to be recognized on L.I.F.E’s website, Facebook page and other publications or they may choose to remain anonymous. All Sponsored donations are tax-exempt.

How The Program WorkS

  1. Donors complete the Sponsorship Form informing us of their interest.

  2. Donors make a tax-deductible donation.

    Sponsorship checks should be made payable to "Lupus Inspiration Foundation for Excellence." Please send to:

    Jodi Norton, L.I.F.E.
    5320 N Corte Puesta Del Sol
    Tucson, AZ 85728

  3. Donors choose the category that best fits their sponsorship. The links below provide a sense of the impact of such sponsorship.

    1. Individual & Family Sponsorship

    2. Corporate Sponsorship

    3. Non-Profit Sponsorship

    4. ‘In Memory Of" Scholarship

  4. Donors receive recognition (if they choose):

    1. The company/organization will be endorsed on The contact information and direct link to the company/organization will be provided.

    2. The company/organization's affiliation will be endorsed on L.I.F.E's Facebook page ( The contact information and direct link to the company's website will be provided.

    3. A write-up of the sponsored winner(s) and the involvement of the company/organization will be featured on L.I.F.E's official website and Facebook page.

    4. A published article submission will be sent to either a local or national newspaper regarding the sponsored winner(s) and the involvement of the company/organization. Any published articles will remain on L.I.F.E's Press Page and Facebook page.

The L.I.F.E Sponsor holds the right to be involved in the scholarship selection process and to choose their recipient(s). However, the recipient of the sponsored scholarship must meet all minimum L.I.F.E. Scholarship Requirements. The Sponsor holds the right to seek out their own applicants (the student must complete the application in a timely manner and meet all eligibility requirements) or they may choose to select from L.I.F.E.’s applicant pool. The Sponsor holds the right to be involved as much or as little in the selection of the winner for their sponsored scholarship. If they choose, L.I.F.E. will select a scholarship winner on their behalf.

*L.I.F.E. strives very hard to match all our sponsors with the best candidate(s) that fit their requirements. Please note that L.I.F.E. will charge a processing fee for all Sponsorships. All collected fees will be used to further L.I.F.E.’s twofold mission.

If you are interested in becoming a L.I.F.E Scholarship Sponsor, please complete this Sponsorship Form or email

Upon receipt of the Sponsorship Form, a member of our team will follow up.

Students selected as a winner are only allowed to contact sponsors through L.I.F.E.