2011 L.I.F.E Scholarship Recipients

Teri Bennett,  Essex County College

“This is to say I somehow became the sole owner of a chronic disease that would forever plaque me. “Not so!”  I declare the not-so old adage of “I may have Lupus, but Lupus does not have me”. “


 Sauntrie Abellera, California State University - Northridge

“It is true that life altering events change your outlook in life … I have become more optimistic and excited about new chapters in my life. I have even become more of a free spirit and a spontaneous person.”


 Melissa Platt, University of Utah

“To me, it doesn’t do any good to be sad or depressed about my lot in life. The best thing I can do is wake up in the morning with a smile on my face and a determination to have a good day.”


 Lauren Aukstikalnis, Worcester State University

“The hardships we face do not define us. It is how we respond and cope with our circumstances that determine our strengths as individuals.”


 Dannielle Foster, Howard University

“I was finally able to realize that no matter what happens to my physical body, the person who I am will always be there. I have finally come to accept the person that I am and that in part is due to my bout with Lupus.”


Brittany Tucker, Baylor University  

“Despite the odds against me, I am still alive and realize that things could be worse than they are.”