Volunteer with Us

Did you know L.I.F.E. is primarily volunteer-based? It’s true! L.I.F.E. was founded in 2001 by two college students seeking to better the lives of students with lupus. L.I.F.E. pays no salaries and holds no offices so the money that is donated goes directly to our students and awareness efforts. We need the help of dedicated volunteers in order to continue to grow and expand our reach across the nation. 

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
— Helen Keller

Each day, medical research strives closer to finding a cure for lupus. Until that day comes, it is our responsibility to care and improve the lives of those impacted by lupus. By promoting lupus awareness and awarding merit-based scholarships to students with lupus, we hope to improve the quality of their lives. Together we can do so much!

How does promoting lupus awareness help those with lupus? Many people with lupus do not look sick. They may be in a terrible flare where they can barely walk up a flight of stairs because of the pain in their chest, struggle to twist the cap off their toothpaste because of joint pain, or are so fatigued they can’t function normally, yet you would never look at them and think something is wrong. Many people with lupus are criticized for “making up their symptoms” or for exaggerating the pain they feel. Lupus awareness teaches the public about “invisible illnesses” and promotes acceptance throughout the community. YOU can help us promote lupus awareness.

How does awarding L.I.F.E. Scholarships help those with lupus? Getting a college degree is a difficult task even for a healthy student. Add a chronic autoimmune to the equation and it becomes much more difficult - not only does your physical health become a barrier to completing a degree but flares that require medical attention and continuous treatment becomes very expensive, forcing many students to drop out. Our scholarships provide students both with financial assistance and recognition of their achievements - we acknowledge them for their determination and strength to overcome obstacles which at times seemed insurmountable. YOU can help students reach thier goals by helping us fundraise! 

How You Can HELP Make A Difference

L.I.F.E. volunteers are all ages and come from states across the nation. Many have been touched in some way by lupus and have joined our team to simply “give back” or help make a difference in the lives of others. By volunteering with us you will be helping better the lives of those with lupus all over the country. Fill out our Volunteer Form.

Here are some ways you can help:

  1. Fundraise: L.I.F.E. runs on the generosity of our donors. Help us sell raffle tickets, obtain sponsorships, set up a fundraiser, etc. You will learn great communication skills!
  2. Publications: Do  you enjoy writing? Help us write newspaper articles or with our upcoming book “Taming the Wolf Within: Tales of Inspiration”
  3. Digital Marketing & Communications: Are you creative? Help us create visuals/posts for Facebook/Instagram, advertisements for our book, videos for our website, etc.
  4. Share Your Story: Whether you have lupus or not, share your story and tell us how you have been touched by lupus. Do you know someone courageous with lupus? Tell us about them. Make a video, share a photo, write a poem, draw a picture. 
  5. Assist President Jodi Norton: Do you live in Tucson, AZ? Help with daily tasks and office support.
  6. Material Distribution:Deliver materials to physicians offices, local businesses, schools, etc.
  7. You tell us: Have any ideas? Tell us how you can help us fulfill our mission!

Whether you have 30 minutes or 30 hours a month, we need you! Please join our L.I.F.E. family today! We value and appreciate all the hard work of our volunteers, without them L.I.F.E. would not exist. 

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Benefits to Volunteering

Taking the time to volunteer shows that you care and is a way of giving a part of yourself to make this world a better place. Below are some of the benefits to becoming a L.I.F.E. volunteer:

  • Letters of recommendation after meeting a 50 hour commitment

  • Sign-off on volunteer hours for students (no minimum hours)

    • For example, we will sign any forms stating the number of hours you have volunteered  

  • Resume builder

    • Gaining work and life experience

    • Strengthening leadership skills

    • Refine communication skills

    • Expanding opportunities and challenges

And don't forget, some of the most valuable benefits of volunteering are intrinsic such as:

  • Building self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Making a difference to someone else

  • Making a positive impact on your community