2012 L.I.F.E Scholarship Recipients

Amanda Moyer – University of Oklahoma College of Medicine

"Lupus opened the door to determination, empathy, compassion, a love of science, and a drive to understand. Lupus has prepared me to become an amazing doctor. Hopefully, I can credit lupus with my future task to eliminate lupus forever."


Holley Morgan - University of Hawaii, West Oahu

“[Lupus] brought out another side of me- Ambition! ..It has spurred a new passion and motivation in my life- I am capable of anything! … I have decided that Lupus can no longer hold me hostage to the limitless possibilities I am truly capable of.”


Jarrett Fowler – University of South Dakota, Vermillion

“Ultimately, I did not let lupus change my lifestyle for the worst.  It gave me a positive outlook and the determination to keep a positive attitude. “


Jeffrey King – University of New Hampshire

“Lupus has impacted me by making me more motivated, focused, a stronger person…  I wish to…succeed in creating the next revolutionary treatment for a once incurable disease..."


Kelsey Youngworth – Kansas State University

“Lupus has made me more appreciative for my own life… Lupus has taught me that with each day, I can meet the challenge and grow to be a more resilient person.”


Nicole Herrera – Cal State Long Beach

"Life with lupus isn't easy, but I try and make the best of it... I am thankful for the help and support everyone has given me… I am appreciative and blessed to have a supporting family, friends, and doctors."


Seth Menghi -  Georgetown University

“Even though lupus has set me back physically, I was able to find the strength that I didn’t know existed to overcome the obstacles.”


Shanna Brown – Cleveland State University

"At 11 years old, I was diagnosed with lupus... My physical health was taken away, but the life it has given back to me is more fulfilling and joyous than I had ever known."