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2015 Sponsored Awards

  • Kelsey Dickinson, Fisheye Consulting

2014 Sponsored Awards

  • William Aguilar, KB Covers

Keyboard cover company, KB Covers, sponsors 2014 L.I.F.E. Scholarship Recipient, William Aguilar

William Aguilar

William Aguilar

Twenty-one year old William Aguilar is being awarded the 2014 L.I.F.E. Scholarship generously sponsored by KB Covers. Ever since being diagnosed with lupus, William was determined to make health a priority in his life. To battle the fatigue he keeps up an active lifestyle and has taken on a healthier diet void of red meats. As a result, William ironically finds that he is more fit and healthier than those around him.

William has been an active student member of the American Chemical Society and has recently earned his A.S. in Biology from Nassau Community College. According to his Organic Chemistry Professor, Alfredo Mellace, PhD, “[William] constantly demonstrated superior analytical thinking skills, as well as outstanding perseverance, motivation and inexhaustible hard work.” It is no surprise that this fall, William will be transferring to the prestigious John Jay College of Criminal Justice (New York), known as the preeminent national and international leader in educating for justice. According to William, “I feel very honored that I was chosen to receive this scholarship. Living with Lupus is no easy task but nothing in life really is. When notified I was somewhat in a state of shock considering that close to a hundred people applied. I am grateful to receive this scholarship and will continue to work hard for myself and for my family.”

KB Covers is known for their dedication in providing the finest quality keyboard covers for Apple/Mac computers worldwide. Founded in 2007 by a film editor and a graphic designer, both knew first-hand the importance speeding up workflow with the use of keyboard shortcuts, however, they also understood that memorizing all these keyboard shortcuts was near impossible. Thus KB Covers was created.

KB Covers believe that a simple concept yields effective results. Their desire inspired them to create an array of Mac keyboard covers for all applications, languages, and needs. They have since created over 400 different keyboard covers expanding from Application Shortcuts to Designer, Foreign Languages, Large Type, Touch Typing, and Colored Protection covers to add style to any Mac. All their products offer precision fit, thin material, are washable, while protecting your device.

KB Covers is committed to exceeding their customer’s expectations and delivering total satisfaction every time!

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