Thank You Notes to Our Sponsors

Dear Dr. T,

First of all, I would like to thank you for being so generous and sponsoring my education for the 2016-2017 school year. It truly means to much to me. I learned I was a L.I.F.E scholarship recipient about one week after learning I would need to receive another round of infusions, and the scholarship news lifted my spirits temendously! I am a freshman this year at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and plan on majoring in biology and continuing on to medical school; my end goal is to become a pediatric rheumatologist. Again, thank you SO much for your generosity. I am so grateful.


Hasler Roberson


Dear Dr. I,

No words could possibly express how happy I was when I was informed that I had been chosen and sponsored by you to receive a scholarship. Since lupus has come into my life, it has been a challenge and an added burden. However, with this scholarship, you have turned lupus into somewhat of a blessing. Your generosity encourages me not only to continue to be hopeful through lupus, but also to continue on my academic path as a future educator (elementary teacher). 

I may not ever be able to say/show this enough to you, but that you so much for your kindness.

With many thanks and prayer,

Tan Vu


Dear Ms. Bassett,

Thank you so much for supporting my transition into college. There are many challenges that come with living with lupus. College has presented new challenges for me and it is so nice to feel support from you. I am so blessed to have this scholarship and I cannot thank you enough.


Corrin Stines


Dear La Monte Honley,

Words cannot explain how appreciative I am of your gift. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. When I left school my senior year in 2009, not only did I leave school, but I left my job and what I considered my independence. I knew in my heart that one day I had to go back and finish, and because of your gift, I am one step closer to doing so. I have to admit that sometimes I want to give up, but first and foremost I have to remember that God is still in control. Second, I have to remember what I've been through, why I'm here and know that I have suppoort from family and people like you who care enough and able to donate funds to people like me who struggles more than me than the average person realizes. Thank you!

Christina Jackson


Dear Dr. I,

Hello, my name is Nicole Iadevaia and I am the recipient of the L.I.F.E scholarship you are sponsoring. I am twenty-three years old and am woring toward my masters at NYU. I have a BS ina applied psychology.

I wanted to thank you so much for sponsoring me through the L.I.F.E scholarship and for sponsoring me through my journey of graduate school at NYU Silver Shool of Social Work while I'm working toward a masters in social work. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity as well as thankful for your kind contribution.

I have had lupus for ten years now and I have thought of it more of a platform to learn and open the door to various opportunities in many aspects of my life. I use this scholarship as an example.

Thank you again for taking the time out of your life to sponsor me, your generosity will not go unappreciated.


Nicole Iadevaia


Dear Dr. I,

I am so privileged and humbled to receive this scholarship, and would like to express my heartfelt thanks for choosing me! I am honored to have been selected for this award.

Thanks to your support, I am able to continue my second year of education at Chapman University. Currently, I am earning a B.S. in Biological Sciences and my minor is General Music, with an emphasis in vocal performance. Some activities I am involved in at Chapman or Women's Choir, Vice President of Chapman Lions Club, and I am an associate member of TriBeta Biological Honors Society. Your donation will allow me to focus on my studies and enjoy my time in college. Living with lupus has been a challenge for me, especially in my transition to college, and your donation and confidence in my abilities has strengthened my resolve to reach my goal regardless of any challenges.

I hope to become a pediatric rheumatologist someday so that I can help kids (just like me!) that have also been blessed with lupus. This monetary donation has given me a boost in my confidence to pursue a career in a field that I think I will be successful in.

Thanks for all your support! Your financial contribution is making my college career possible! I am so grateful!


Kashika Singh


Dear Debbie,

Thank you so much for selecting me as one of the winners for the L.I.F.E Scholarship. I was so excited when I heard that I'd won! I'm a merchandising, apparel, and textiles major at the Unversity of Kentucky and I know this money will go to good use towards my tuition!

Thank you!

Kayla Pigg