L.I.F.E Announces 2014 Featured Winner

Congratulations to Mattie Newman for being selected as L.I.F.E’s ‘2014 Featured Scholarship Winner’ for her efforts to fundraise on behalf of the Foundation. Since receiving the award, she has sold more raffle tickets than any other winner for the Jim Click Automotive 2014 Jeep Cherokee Raffle to help non-profits. All tickets sold on behalf of L.I.F.E go directly to benefit the Foundation. The Raffle will take place on November 13th, 2014.


Mattie is a 19-year old Geology major attending Harvard University. She is one of fourteen students chosen to be a 2014 L.I.F.E Scholarship recipient for her strength and perseverance to succeed while battling systemic lupus- an autoimmune disease that leaves those afflicted in a state of constant pain and fatigue. Mattie has turned a diagnosis with lupus into a motivator rather than a hindrance. According to Mattie, “lupus made the start of high school nearly unbearable because I not only had to deal with constant pain, but the people around me were ignorant as to how opening a door was a challenge for me now. I used to be the best, and now my body just didn’t work. I [realized I needed to] start sharing my story with peers and I stop hiding.” Mattie shows her dedication and drive through the various activities in which she excels. She is the Music Manager of the Harvard University Band and recipient of the Malcolm Holmes ’29 Award for most dedicated band member. She is also the 2015 Director of the Harvard Model United Nations. In her hometown of Lowell, MI, Mattie has been the Kent County Youth Fair Exhibitor for seven years winning over 150 ribbons and 10 trophies. She also won all conference for Track for all four years of high school and served as Team Captain for three years. According the Mattie, “I decided to take lupus as a disease to work harder than those around me…lupus is a disease; but not a stopping point.”