L.I.F.E Launches Scholarship Renewal Program

Would you like to renew your L.I.F.E. Scholarship in 2015?

The L.I.F.E. team is proud of all our L.I.F.E. Scholarship Recipients! We commend you on your incredible ability to persevere despite the setbacks of lupus. The Foundation would not be possible without all the continued love and support we receive. Each year we develop programs to further our mission to spread awareness, provide resources for those affected by lupus, and most importantly, to award merit-based scholarships to college students with lupus throughout the country.

To further this mission, we are proud to announce the L.I.F.E Scholarship Renewal/Degree Completion Program to help Scholarship winners secure ongoing tuition costs while also giving support and recognition to another college student with lupus beating the odds!

Criteria for the L.I.F.E Scholarship Renewal/Degree Completion Program:

*All past winners must currently fulfill the minimum criteria for the L.I.F.E. Scholarship. Please review this information carefully.

The criteria for the three levels of the program is as follows:

BRONZE: Requires the student to raise the $500 minimum value of a L.I.F.E. Scholarship plus an additional $100 to help the Foundation award a L.I.F.E. Scholarship to a new applicant. Once $600 is raised the winner will be awarded the $500 renewal scholarship and can move on to the next level.  

SILVER:  The student receives 50% of any further funds they raise and the other 50% will go to the Foundation to further its cause. 

GOLD: This top level requires the student to renew their Scholarship the following year by achieving both the BRONZE and SILVER levels again plus completing a task from a list of to-do-items determined by the L.I.F.E. Team. For completing this level, the student will receive a Certificate of Achievement from L.I.F.E. 

NOTE: All levels are subject to change after 2015 as we gather information and suggestions from the winners participating and the L.I.F.E. Team.

If you are a previous winner who would like to take part in the 2015 Degree Completion Program/Renew Your Scholarship please contact L.I.F.E. or our leader Mattie Newman (2014 Winner chosen to lead this program) with any of your questions at: mattiemnewman@gmail.com. You can email copies of your transcripts to life4lupuscholarship@gmail.com.